What Sets Us Apart

At Monroe County Family Dental, our philosophy is to treat every patient like a family member and offer the best quality care that we can provide. Going to the dentist is never fun or the highlight of anyone’s day, but by focusing care on each patient’s individual needs, we can cater the experience to every person.

As an office, we strive to give our patients a chance at the beautiful and functional smile they have always wanted. Seeing someone enjoy their smile and teeth makes our day better each time!

What sets Monroe County Family Dental apart?

  • We provide a one-stop shop for most dental care and allow patients to work to improve their smile in the way that best suits their specific needs. Being able to provide a wide variety of services outside of standard dental care allows us to truly cater treatment to each patient and design our care specifically to each person.
  • We are aware that coming to the dentist isn’t always everyone’s favorite appointment. We offer conscious sedation for apprehensive patients to allow for a more pleasant experience.  
  • We have developed programs to help assist patients who do not have insurance. We try to work with each patient and their insurance and financial needs to give them the best quality of care and reach their own goals/desires for their dental health.
  • We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss patient wants and desires and inform them of what we can do to help assist them.
  • We try to address all patient concerns they may have with their oral health while providing lifelong solutions and education.

State-of-the-art Technology

Though it is essential to know and learn that not everything new is better, Drs. Pierce and Sultan stay on top of ever-changing materials and technology to help our patients achieve a lifetime of oral health success.

  • Newer materials can help make teeth stronger and more attractive.
  • Newer materials and knowledge help to prevent decay and gum disease, and reduce the need for treatment in the long run.
  • Newer materials help restorations last longer and look nicer.
  • Digital technology allows us to diagnose disease at an earlier stage, which makes treatments for patients more conservative.


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